By the touch of a button. This feature can be helpful for individuals who find that they often accidentally click on the bar while typing. Functions for right click, left click, double click, copy, paste and speed selection are centrally available with the click of a button, increasing your workflow. A new, wider, rubber coated scroll wheel makes the click function even easier and smoother. Asymmetrical reaching with one side of your body and not the other causes your muscle groups to compensate for the weight of your extended arm while reaching for a traditional mouse.

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The elimination of flexing your fingers to grip the mouse avoids compression through the carpal tunnel. Speaking of rollermousf, six of them surround a clickable scroll wheel below the rollerbar. Fastest Mobile Networks contour rollermouse free2 More than half a million users already enjoy a more ergonomic workspace thanks to Contour Design’s RollerMouse.

Contour RollerMouse Free2

The Free2 contour rollermouse free2 with detachable keyboard ‘risers’ to lift up thinner keyboards to an appropriate height 3 height settingsensuring a custom fit for every user. Control Layout – RollerMouse Free2. Eliminates Contour rollermouse free2 for a Traditional Mouse, Relieving Neck, Shoulder and Elbow Pain – Conventional keyboards frer2 result in overreaching for the mouse as the user is forced to reach over the arrow keys and numeric keypad to get to the mouse.


The RollerMouse Free2 also comes with removable leatherette palm supports that relieve stress on the wrists while typing and using the rollerbar. I used contour rollermouse free2 RollerMouse with both a laptop 1, by display and desktop 1, conyour 1, and ran out of room only occasionally at the default 1, dpi resolution.

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RollerMouse Free2 – Contour Design

Functions for right click, left click, double click, copy, paste and speed selection are centrally available with the click of a button, increasing your workflow. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.

The “one touch” paste button. The rollerbar works by rolling contour rollermouse free2 bar to move the cursor up and down on the screen. Ambidextrous Cursor Control – By centrally locating the mouse buttons beneath the keyboard home keys, mouse control is equidistant from either hand.

Yes Removable Palm Conour RollerMouse Contour rollermouse free2 shown without palm support. Popular and often used button are fres2 reach.

Contour RollerMouse Free2 Review & Rating |

Material on wrist rests. RollerMouse Free2 top view.

RollerMouse Free2 is based rolldrmouse our ergonomic expertise contour rollermouse free2 inspired by users creating a modern ergonomic design with ultra high precision and quality.


Mac OS X Interface: All Windows OSes Mac: RollerMouse Free2 helps to eliminate reaching for a traditional mouse: Its footprint is The decal rollermoyse label contour rollermouse free2 the test unit’s button functions peeled or curled up unattractively.

A tech journalist since the TRS and Apple II days, Grevstad specializes in lightweight laptops, all-in-one desktops, and productivity software The Best PC Games. Keeping the mouse close instead of having to reach for it is an ergonomic plus, as is the opportunity to use contour rollermouse free2 fingers or even different hands to click instead of having the work monopolized by one index finger. ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page.

There is a very slight ‘click’ feel as the end limit of the range of the rollerbar is reached, triggering end detection. Be the first to review this product.

RollerMouse Free2 with removable palm support. By the touch of a button.

There is no gripping necessary, thus avoiding the threat of repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis. Top view of RollerMouse Free2 with keyboard.