This option is useful to see what nvidia-xconfig will do while leaving the original configuration intact. Besides each X screen, the other top level category is “nvidia-settings Configuration”, which configures behavior of the nvidia-settings appli- cation itself. A target specification is contained within brackets and consists of a target type name, a colon, and the target id. Patches can be submitted to linux-bugs nvidia. These two X connections do not need to be to the same X server. Loading Settings Automatically 4. By default, the “X Server Information” page is displayed.

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Note that an OpenGL application only retrieves settings from the X server when it starts, so if you make a change to an OpenGL value in nvidia-settings, it will only apply to OpenGL applications which are started after that point in time.


Command Line Interface nvidia-settings has a rich command line interface: How OpenGL Interacts with nvidia-settings 3. See the output of nvidia-settings –query screens –query gpus –query framelocks –query vcs –query gvis –query fans –query thermalsensors –query svps –query dpys for lists of targets for each target type. Settings from the X server override OpenGL’s default values, and settings from the environ- ment override values from the X server.

Note, however, that you will need to have X permissions configured such that you can establish an X connection from the computer on which you are running nvidia-settings stravinsky.

This option is a semicolon-separated list of pairs of dis- play device names and filename pairs; e. The GUI for nvidia-settings is cleanly abstracted from the back-end of nvidia-settings that parses the configuration file and command line, communicates with the X server, etc.


Connecting to Remote X Servers 7. The most recent official version of the source code is available here: X Config Options’ for more details on the possible values and syntax. Then, it displays a graphical user interface GUI for configuring the current settings. 9.11 no configuration file can be found, nvidia-xconfig generates one from scratch using default settings; in this case, nvidia- xconfig will automatically determine the name of the X configu- ration file to create: Skip site navigation 1 Skip section navigation 2 Header And Logo.

Attributes can be addressed through “target types”. This type of backup is made by nvidia-xconfig nviria it modifies an X configuration file that it has not previously touched; this is assumed to be an X configuration file that pre- dates the involvement of the NVIDIA X driver.

Details about the options on each page of nvidia-settings are available in the help window. The simplest, most common, and least secure mechanism to do this is to use ‘xhost’ to allow access from the computer on which you are running nvidia-settings.

When the ‘–separate-x-screens’ option is specified, each GPU on which an X screen is currently configured will be updated to have two or more depending on the capabili- ties of that GPU X screens configured. If you know what you are doing and want config file attributes to be qualified with an X Display, check the “Include X Display Names in the Config File” option on the nvidia-settings Configuration page.

This nvidiia useful to limit processing to a subset of targets, based on an existing relationship s to other targets. While ferebsd can attempt to infer these values, it is best to use your Unix distribution’s X config file nvudia the basis of anything that nvidia-xconfig creates.

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To add the BusID to only a specific device or screen section, use the ‘–device’ or ‘–screen’ options. Only one entry in the list can be selected at once, and the selected category controls which “page” is displayed hvidia the right side of the nvidia-settings GUI. Therefore, you would not want your config file to qualify each attribute with an X Display Name.

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The command line syntax for querying and assigning attributes matches that of the. For a list of possible keyboard types, see the ‘–keyboard-list’ option. This is not typically recommended, as things like the mouse protocol, keyboard layout, font paths, etc, are setup by your Unix distribution. For 9.1 control set it to 4. Additionally, individual attributes may be specified like frdebsd The performance level is specified in square brackets after the attribute name. This option should normally not be needed.

Loading Settings Automatically 4. X Display Names in the Config File 6. Only under nvldia circumstances should this option be needed. Any extracted EDIDs are then written as binary data to individual files.

The ‘–no-sepa- rate-x-screens’ option will remove any extra configured X screens on each GPU.