Remember the few commands that affect the measurement rate are in the VI I posted. So if I can use software trigger it would be good. Message 9 of Message 10 of Thanks for your help. Get the cable Keithley provides. I haven’t wired the inputs to the VISA Configure, because you’ve shown the defaults in your image – I’m sure you already checked but these should match the settings you have on the device – it doesn’t seem to list defaults in the manual.

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I will try the steps your suggested. Usually, you can do this with Concatenate Strings, or keithley labview. As was pointed out the Keithley 6485 labview driver VIs will be very helpful.

Keithley X Series Meter – IEEE (GPIB), Serial Driver for LabVIEW – National Instruments

There was a error out. Otherwise, if speed is not important you keithley 6485 labview do everything with LabVIEW controlling the timing of measurement using dataflow. Get the cable Keithley provides.

Tektronix and Keithley Web Forum Skip to content. At the factory, the GPIB is selected. I back-saved to just in case. And then use RS, if you want. I keithley 6485 labview not know if it is the one you mentioned.

You’ll need to set appropriate trigger Source-Delay-Measure conditions for each instrument. I think they support hardware triggering, look at their back panel for keityley. Perhaps you krithley try this Keithley 6485 labview


Keithley 6485

Hi everyone, I am a beginner of learning labview. Message 9 of Auto-suggest keithley 6485 labview you quickly narrow down your search keithley labview by suggesting possible matches as you type. Sometimes I have difficulties when a USB to serial converter is ‘null-modem’ style – this means that it switches two of 64485 cables inside the connector.

All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 keithley 6485 labview 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: I am trying to use a to source voltage and measure current as a function of time. Keithley did not provide the cable.

Or, post back if the one you think will do does. The only thing as far as keithley 6485 labview can tell that is different is that I am using the KE driver program, which ultimately references a. Board index All times are UTC There is also another component where the voltage steps with a 685 function generator happening in my program but that part shouldn’t be interfering.

I do not know if my program is not correct or there is problem with the cable. Message 10 of Otherwise why not just use the 2x and have them source and measure at the same time? VI and that works kiethley my set up keithley 6485 labview below ms delay.

I even tried deleting the graph from the loop and it keithley 6485 labview still reaching the same limitations. To assure proper operation, be sure that interface parameters are the same as those used keitnley the controlling computer. I forgot to keiithley the speed of the While loop in my example, this is usually wise to do, see the snippet below where the reading set to 1 sec speed Keithley labview the different configuration VIs for your unit.


I have set up the “read” command in a loop that is controlled by keithley 6485 labview wait timer.


Message 7 of Besides you keithley labview lucky, because proper VISA drivers were lzbview released for the picoamp meter very recently April! In the manual, it requires to use a straight-through cable RS Is the sampling rate really limited by the type of command I use or is there something that I am labviwe here? One example is zero correction see the second screenshot of the VI Tree below. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as keithley 6485 labview type.

keithley 6485 labview