The “sepia” option recreates the look of old-time photos, which were often rendered in shades of brown, as a result of treating the prints in a sepia toning solution. The QuickView feature can be turned off to conserve battery life. Review Mode Use Review mode to examine already-captured images. A plastic lens cap grips the camera case when the lens retracts, but is light enough to not strain the mechanism as it extends. We found operation of the zoom lens to be very smooth, with no “preferred” focal-length settings. On the top of the camera, you’ll find the Status Display which shows icons for the different camera settings, if the settings are enabled.

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A Macro close-up feature adds the flexibility of focusing on small subjects kodak dc240 relatively close distances-between 9. Each of these icons represents an operation that you can perform on the selected image. At the high resolution, best quality setting, the average file size is about K.

Overall, the camera is simple to operate-using the right hand to kosak image capture, and the left hand to navigate through the various buttons and menu options on the LCD viewfinder. A plastic lens cap grips the camera kodak dc240 when the lens is retracted, lightly enough to not strain the mechanism when the kodak dc240 extends.

Kodak DC240

When capturing images indoors, two white balance options are available: Shedding some light on the sources of noise. Pressing the menu kodak dc240 changes what is displayed on the LCD.

The body, at 5. All kodak dc240 are captured and stored koeak standard JPEG format. At the high resolution, best quality setting, the kodak dc240 file size is about K. The optical finder’s view is well-centered in the final image area, particularly at moderate distances.


Kodak DC240 Zoom Digital Camera

By using Center-Weighted metering to measure the light on a subject centered in the frame, and kodak dc240 the shutter button halfway, you can lock in an exposure and recompose the picture as you wish, without losing the original exposure kodak dc240.

Once you find it, that kodqk appears larger kodak dc240 the LCD. Regardless, the LCD is still immensely helpful when framing your subjects, or when experimenting with what you shot will look like dc2240 captured in sepia-tone, or black and white mode.

A Sharpness feature provides three sharpness settings: E-mount lenses, are they THAT terrible? This Exposure Lock feature works especially well for capturing a series of images that kodak dc240 consistent exposure and color balance between them.

Kodak DC Specs – CNET

The DC’s molded plastic body measures 5. The shutter button is readily accessible without stretching kodak dc240 finger, which makes for easy one-hand capturing of images. The lens is almost totally free of geometric distortion, across its full focal-length range. Until now, that is: Add ,odak product to your shortlist for comparison.

Visit the Kodak dc240 home page for the DC Executive Overview Designed for business, but suitable for the home, koda Kodak DC Zoom Digital Camera sports a compact, ergonomic design much like a traditional point-and-shoot kodak dc240.

For a full commentary on each of the test images, see the DC ‘s “pictures” page. The controls on the back side of the camera are arranged much like the previous DC and DC models. The zoom control toggle on top allows you to quickly zoom in on your subject with a standard kodak dc240 range of 20 inches 0. We found operation of the zoom lens to be very smooth, with kodak dc240 “preferred” focal-length settings.


As with all Imaging Resource camera tests, we encourage you to let your own eyes be the judge of how well the devices performed: NiMH batteries require at least 8 kodak dc240 to fully charge in the provided charger, after which the charger drops the current level to a “trickle,” to keep the batteries topped-off.

Kodak DC Zoom Digital Camera | eBay

Most seem kodak dc240 simply turn off the sharpening function in the “soft” mode, while kodak dc240 DC appears to actually blur the image somewhat when this option is selected. Explore the images on the kodak dc page, to see how well kodak dc DC performed, kodak dc240 how its images compare to other cameras you may be considering buying. With a kodak dc USB connection to the camera kodak dc, such accessories really become irrelevant.

The Center-Weighted mode will be most useful for shooting portraits shots, or for dealing with backlit subjects. Kodak dc240 information is stored to the picture card along with the images.