Since hal has been removed, all the howtos out there don’t work no more: Earl The reason it’s psmouse. The touchpad seems less jittery too. Any help with that is would be appreciated. Does Ubuntu kernel build scripts need to be adjusted to incorporate these changes?

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Any help with that is would be appreciated.

When I tried to run fspc, I got error: Most of the solutions seemed to suggest simple echo commands to device files, but they always failed for me. My current netbook came with a Sentelic touchpad included. Home Help Search Login Register.

MSI WInd U Touchpad | NotebookReview

I haven’t downloaded the attachment yet. ISO images are available from http: I was expecting this when buying this laptop but the vertical scroll that the sentelic provides sucks. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Apparently I was composing my comments while you wrote yours.

MSI WInd U100 Touchpad

Where did you get this tar ball from? Vertical two-finger scrolling also becomes much smoother. Thanks for the information in this thread – I was going insane with the hscroll enabled!


In fact, I’ve made new live-usbs several times: Does anyone have there original unmodified appleps2controller. I’ve just bought Zenbook KLonsdale Nov 10, Will this bug be fixed for the next Ubuntu?

How to enable two-finger scroll on MSi GT683R

mxi And what bugs me is that I cannot reproduce the original good state even with a clean install or a live-usb. The Sentelic touchpad should be able to use the synaptics driver for all the features it provides: Fantastic work – I had just pulled down the ps2 kext code and the linux sourcforge project to hack on this for the weekend – beat me to the punch!

Next grab the That the above info appears quite complex and confusing.

Share This Page Tweet. I’ve sentelic touchpad clevo wcz with ubuntu For anyone comfortable with compiling the kernel, adding this code back in and testing it is relatively easy.

Wish I could extract the touchpad from my old mac book pro and implant it into my GT, that thing was flawless. It often jumps half a screen back and forth while randomly clicking everything.


Bug # “Add driver for Sentelic Touch pad” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

I have an MSI A I expect it’s this function in the Linux driver. Had to call tech to fix. That because it causes a mal-function to the end user. Also, I would suggest this as an actual bug, not wishlist. When correctly loaded the driver appears in dmesg. Moving my finger edge to edge across a horizontal or vertical center of the pad results is random movements of the cursor.

Thanks for your fantastic work Oskari!