Page 27 Display — Indicates the status of your phone, including numbers dialed, feature and function screens, status icons, message indicators, and signal strength. From standby mode, press Menu the display. Charging the Battery Your phone is powered by a rechargeable standard Li-Ion battery. From standby mode, press Menu Serial Number This menu item displays the serial number assigned to your phone. Memory Info the display.

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Samsung SCH SCH-R451C User Manual

World Time World Time World Time lets you view the time of day or night in any of the 24 different time zones around the world. The first of three symbol screens is displayed.

Remove The Battery Install the Battery Insert the top end of wch battery first, matching the gold contacts on the inside of the battery to those on the phone 1then press the bottom of the battery down into the phone until it slips into place 2.

Page 7 Section Enter Music Player Mode — Use the navigation keys to scroll through time zones.

Hidden magnetic closure for easy snap closing Each entry can have up to five associated phone numbers and one e-mail address. To speed dial the Contacts entry assigned to speed dialpressthen press and hold Voice Dialing The voice recognition capabilities of your SCH-RC are exceptional due to This section also describes the features and functionality associated with messaging.


Voice Service Section 3: Aamsung standby mode, press Menu Serial Number This menu item displays the serial number assigned to your phone. Headset optional Remove a Memory Card Remove the battery cover from the back of your phone.

This case is Compatible with: Call Functions This section provides procedures for making sajsung answering calls.

Understanding Your Contacts Section 5: Enter the contact info name of the new entry using either keypad. Contact your Wireless Carrier for availability.

When you delete a Group, any assigned Contacts entries return to No Group. The solution is to order a Samsung Rc car charger, allowing you to charge your phone on the go.

Prepaid This section outlines the Prepaid features of your phone. Pressing when navigating through a menu accepts the highlighted choice in a menu.

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Press and hold to go back to home page. To access the Voice Settings menu: To change the samsunh entry mode: Find the Contacts entry you want to edit, and press Edit. Your phone comes packaged with a partially charged rechargeable standard Li-Ion battery and travel adapter. Menu Navigation This section explains the menu navigation for your phone.


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Remove a Memory Card Remove the battery cover from the back of your phone. Use the Left and Right soft keys and Navigation keys to browse the list. Call Functions Section 2: Briefly press in standby mode to display a list of recent calls to and from your phone.

This USB cable from Samsung will also allow r451d to use your phone as an external modem — per your carriers service.

Contacts Groups Groups let you easily send messages to multiple, selected Contacts. Bluetooth Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology capable of exchanging information over a distance of about 30 feet without requiring a physical connection. Lot of basic phones!