One end of the drive has a PCI-e connection for the express card slot, while the other contains the mini-USB plug for connectivity. First up is CrystalDiskMark which backs up all the claims that Wintec made. Please turn on JavaScript. A small green activity light displays any signs of usage. Be first to rate. The laptop is a little outdated as it is more than two years old, but it does have all the necessary components to test the drive to its full potential.

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The laptop is a little outdated as wxpresscard is more than two years old, but it does have all the necessary components to test the drive to its full potential.

The ExpressCard Ultra feels hot due to the smaller footprint of the device. View the discussion thread. However, if wintef are a professional or enthusiast that prefers speed and reliability more than anything, look no farther. After consulting with Wintec over the heat build up of the SolidGo drive we got this response:.

The older models are offered in 32GB and 64GB. For example, a normal 2. The New Data Storage Standard With no moving parts, shock resistance, and lower power consumption, SSD is a perfect complement to battery operated mobile devices.

Thank You very much for good for a good service. In fact, we have never seen speed like this from a flash drive. Looking at the chart made from HD Tach stats, we see the Wintec drive’s burst rate was lower than that of even standard drives.


I found it strange as there are no moving parts in the drive, but in the days leading up to the writing of this article the drive did not once crash or cause my system to blue screen. Ideal for installation of operating system and suitable for both Windows and Mac systems.

The drive works best when connected internally to a expresscard slot. It does mention the unit only carries a single year warranty.

Atop the aluminum body is a black and gold label that showcases the Filemate logo and product name. I will update this article in the future once we find out the reason behind this. Both series have the same wintecc consumption.

HD Tach uses custom device drivers and other low level Windows wiintec to bypass as many layers of software as possible and get as close to the physical performance of the device possible.

A list of features is also present and has the most interesting facts. It doesn’t look much like a flash drive, nor does it look like a hard drive. I do not know the reason for this.

Along with manufacturing, Wintec provides highly integrated supply chain management services which allow customers to gain better control of their global supply chain through complex IT systems and optimized planning tools.

After consulting with Wintec over the heat build up of the SolidGo drive expresscagd got this response: There isn’t too much to go over about the physical aspect of the drive, so we will make this a brief section. This unit can also be used for Vista’s ReadyBoost, and because 24 or 48 gigs is more than enough for this function you can split the drive in two.

Recent Drivers  INTEL E21088 AUDIO DRIVERS

gb Wintec Filemate Solidgo ExpressCard 34 SSD | eBay

Here is where we noticed that the SolidGO ExpressCard drive is definitely a must have, if you mus have quicker than normal access to all your important data.

Wintec also carries partners with its distribution suppliers to provide IT systems, peripherals, system components, software and networking products for thousands of independent resellers across the globe. The unit is made of aluminum and plastic. In our reliability testing normal user environments we have not found any cases where a laptop could not handle the additional heat from the ExpressCard Ultra SSD. The expresscard works just fine.

expesscard Four gigs can be used towards ready boost and the remaining 44GB can still be used for data storage. The Card offers tremendous speeds.

Wintec FileMate ExpressCard with Mini USB 2.0 User Manual

I am telling you this is a great upgrade from a standard filmate drive. I would think a product with no moving parts, shock and vibrating resistant to have a longer warranty. The only pet peeve is that it feels hot even when it sits idle inside the laptop – Wintec website says this is normal because it is smaller than typical 2.